Great printer! Great test prints

BlueDinos 2017-1-27 06:38 edit

First of all a big "thank you!!" to the Cetus team for the awesome printer. It's not perfect but it works very well out of the box. One note is that my Z axis was slightly off so one side of the plate, the nozzle was higher, which caused the extruder to click and pop when ever it extrudes on that side. Fortunately it was easy to loosen the scews and using a digital caliper, made sure its as straight as possible then re-tightned the screws back the way it was. Now it's perfect and the extruder no longer pops on the raft layers.

Anyway below are a few test prints. Hope everyone can see how nice they came out! I wish everyone great success with the Cetus3D printer!!

These were printed with Esun PLA Pro with .4mm nozzle. I will test the .2mm this coming weekend!




Looks very nice! I don't know which layer height you tried, but I am having the best results now with the 0.1 mm layer height (0.4 nozzle). Haven't tried the 0.2 nozzle yet, since I don't need that tiny details on my prints, and it will take forever to finish a print then ;)

Thanks!! Actually it''s .2mm layer height for the Raberrie Pi case and the characters, and it cames out really nice. The little gun was done with .1mm layer height .4mm nozzle...needless to say the Cetus is an awesome machine! I can only imagine how nicer it'll look with a .2mm nozzle...but I'm too lazy to wait lol.