Glass Build Plate for Up Mini 2

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has tried to install a glass build plate on their up mini 2, or any up machine for that matter

I’m going to buy some tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m tired of not having a perfectly flat bed

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So I did it, went out and got the glass. It took me a week longer than I planned, but I’ve been working with it since yesterday afternoon.

  1. Use hairspray. It took me about 4 hours of trying to print straight onto the glass and failing permanently before I decided to give it a little adhesion help and suddenly I was getting somewhere.

  2. Bed leveling is a bitch. I have a giant pile of little squares at my feet from doing bed level tests (and I’m convinced the software has a bug - cuz when I try to just change one points level, it doesn’t seem to do anything I mean the three on the right are the ones I’m trying to get better and look at these numbers:


  3. The glass can slide out far easier than the metal plates could, so what I thought to be skipping motors in the x direction, was just the glass sliding out a little. I then tried bulldog clips to fix this, but it introduced whole new bed leveling issues that were seemingly unfixable, and there isn’t much place for the bulldog clips anyway.

HOW I FIXED MY PROBLEMS: I then fixed almost all my issues by taking scrap ABS rafts, and using them to shim underneath the heatbed. This pushed the heatbed and glass up into the clips that are there to secure everything, providing enough friction that the glass can no longer slip in and out. It also fixed a bunch of my bed leveling issues, which the software was just not doing for me. Sometimes mechanical solutions are just the best ones.
Here’s the shims I’m using. I put them in all the corners that were too low to raise the platform:

this one is doing the heavy lifting to keep the glass in place for me:

Here is my first real successful print on the glass:

Finally, I’m satisfied. These shims are not a reliable long term solution, but I’m now printing on glass and loving it. When I design a longer term solution for these shims

Rafts were extremely reliable, but wasteful, both time and filament were wasted on many rafts over the last few weeks I’ve had the printer. The bottom finish when printing on glass is smooth as glass.