Getting Customer Support?

How do you actually get customer support for their products? Has this company now disbanded or something?

I bought a Cetus 3D MKIII less than 1 month ago and recently purchased the upgrade kit. The expansion board has a problem and I think it’s DOA but I can’t get ANY response from this company! They sure as hell processed the order for my upgrade though!

Currently I have a dead printer and a hole in my wallet. I’d like to resolve this but so far it’s massive radio silence from this company!

short answer “it varies, a lot” (sorry, I know it doesn’t help)

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I’ve managed to get through to someone in the end and they are attempting to help at least.

I’m hoping to get these issues sorted now with their help. I’ll see how it goes and report back to this thread.

Fortunately most Cetus work out of the box because in my experience getting some informations to fix a problem from assistance is quite an hard way.

pretty much, dont depend on any support from these people. its a great printer, but theyre not the best company :confused:

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@ xkenpachix
How do get through some one? I have a similar problem.
My extruder isnt extruding properly, I just want to know if buying a new one will solve my problem?

Actually i consider buying another printer ( from europe, great community and support)?