Generated raft floating?

After slicing, looked like the generated raft was "hanging/floating" beneath the model and appeared not to start on top of the bed.

Anybody else noticed this or is it just me? The actual print doesn't seem to suffer.

Are you sure your model was on the bed before you sliced it? I have inadvertently moved one up so it was floating before so I had to use the Auto Place to make sure it was actually on the bed.

Yes, model was on the bed. With auto place the effect was gone but with manual move it was there

I manual move/placed the model to the far left corner where the play in the axis are minimal. (If there is any) Something I do automatic.

After slicing when the raft comes visible, I see the effect of "floating"

I noticed this effect after printing without raft. The base of model became messy. So I switched to raft. That's when I noticed but the print came out fine. So no big deal for now.