Gear not gripping filament

<p><p><p>Hi</p><p>My Cetus wont extrude because the gear has stopped gripping the filament tightly enough. I checked clogged nozzle, replaced with .6mm nozzle, raising temp, lowering temp,etc. I can push the filament through the nozzle manually, but the gripper wheel just doesn’t seem to catch on the filament. I tried switching filaments too. Is there a way to adjust the tension?</p></p></p>

<p>what kind of Cetus do you have?</p><p>The first version of the MKII had an adjustable feeder mechanism. you can find STL´s of this somewhere here in the forum or at thingiverse. Maybe yours is worn out so the feeder can not grab. </p><p>But first try to get the feder plastic part off and check if the feeding disk is dirty. In some occasions it can happen that at withdrawing filament it sticks at the feeding disk. </p><p>What kind of filament you are using? PLA? is it old? Did you try to change filament? lowering the temperature will not make it better usually but highering could be a solution.</p>

<p>I’m wondering if it’s a different issue. I’ve changed PLA multiple times. I am realizing it might not be extruding because the heater is not getting hot enough. When I jacked the temp way up it started flowing better, so I’m wondering if my heater is bad.</p><p>Question, if you untension the spring, how easy should it be to manually push the filament through? At normal 210 temp it’s kinda hard to push through, but when I jacked it to 240 is got better. Had to leave so I couldn’t test any higher. </p><p> </p>

<p>I have a MKI. I think the extruder unit is bad, seeing that they have reliability issues with this model of extruder and my symptoms seem to fit.</p>

<p>ok I don´t know about the MK1 versions but I have a MK2 without adjustable filement feeder. I think the tension adjustment is only useful for flexible and soft filaments. With PLA you can set it to the most tension setting.</p><p> </p>

<p>Fixed it with a new extruder unit, sucks I had to spend $80 to fix a bad unit. But, i didn’t feel like waiting for their support. Printing perfect now, better than new.</p>