G-Code command to play sound from buzzer

gbrugnoni 2018-2-19 08:30 edit



Does anybody know if there is a gcode command to request a beep from cetus buzzer? I’m trying to use third party software (Simplify3D) and all works very fine but when running a Gcode, LED and buzzer doesn’t works. I would like to put a command in the starting script. When printing from the original software, a beep is played when the working temperature has been reached, and at the end too.




gbrugnoni 2018-2-19 08:27 edit


I've found myself the solution.

Tested on a MKII version:

    M42 P4 S1 ; Beep ON

    G4 P100 ; Pause command - P value defines the time in ms

    M42 P4 S0 ; Beep OFF


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Hi gbrugnoni,

Thanks for finding and posting this, much appreciated