Fusion 360 can slice - if anyone does a post processor for Up! printers much love

Yeah that ain’t happening. UP Studio and all Tiertime machines run on proprietary code. Tiertime would have to generate something here, and that ain’t going to happen.

“All” thats needed is for catfish to actually support sending g-code and adapt the post processor. Half of it is already in place … it just needs to do what it says on the box

There will need to be a lot of work done to improve the current Gcode compiler for this to work properly though.

But you’re right actually, just setup the post for Gcode export according to what Tiertime support and it should be able to run through UP Studio, then compiled to run on Tiertime machines.
But like I said the compiler isn’t very good at the moment and has annoying little problems and isn’t easy and straight forward to setup at the moment.

I’m not sure how well Fusion 360 will even be able to slice the part with support structure when compared to UP Studio. UP Studio is very well dialed in for slicing for effortless removal of support with Tiertime brand materials and profiles, which will be hard and probably a pointless exercise to dial into Fusion.
The other thing to also consider is the Matrix bed levelling when slicing within UP Studio, and the hole radius functions they have that automatically deal with material shrinkage rates for a very close hole and radius size in the printed part.