Front switch working patterns


Cetus has a front switch.
The function of this switch depends on the state of the device.
I found it to have three functions, but I don’t know it is right.
Please tell me, can your cetus do these function.

First function:
Press and hold the front switch when before initialize, initialize to cetus.
This is same function from UpStudio.

Second function:
Double click the front switch when after initialize, Cetus do previous printing.

Third function:
Press and hold the front switch when after initialize, X and Y axis move to near limit switch.
Next Z axis little up, and power off(no current to motor).
But this is not usually done.
Because when Z axis little up, cetus throw out “Motion System Error Z-”.
The way of try third function, you operate z axis limit switch in manually when initialize Ceuts,

I think throw out the error to be an anomarly in the third function,

I prepared two movie.
error occurs and doing power off.

Please check in other Cetus.
And I want to make sure only my problem.

Cetus3d mk3 default front switch

I upload my printer default front switch behavior video.

Thank you justinooi.
I watched your video.
It is same behavior my machine.

I have one question.
Does upStudio give you an error after you press and hold for a second time?

wooden, I checked again and it shown “Motion system error Z”.

Thank you very much for the Video, it´s very helpful and interesting.

I had the same problem, thanks for the solution :star_struck: