Fresh Start for 2018

Hello Guys,

As you can see we have updated our website, in the transitional period there could be problems in various functions.
We will try our best to fix them as soon as possible.

Here are some updates for Cetus3D

  1. New website will support more and better functionalities, such better shopping experience, better forum and new help center based customer supports.
  2. Open up possibility for third party developers/seller to sell their own Cetus mods on
  3. We hiring more people and will definitely provide better support in terms of sales and technical services.
  4. Last but not least, more upgrades for Cetus.

Some know problems for existing customers:

  1. Previous order history will not be available in your current user account. We have all the order history backed up, so dont worry, just send us email for any sales related problem.
  2. Moshop went offline, as we need to reconsider this app and restructure resource. We will soon provide a way to access to existing contents for free.

Thanks !! :smiley: