Forum & different slicer


First of all I'm really happy with the printer I received and I already had some great prints.

The Cetus3D Software is alright but it lacks a lot of features and settings compared to Cura or Simplify3D.

Will there be any profiles provided for these softwares? If yes when will they be available?


The second part that really annoys me, is that the forum here doesn't have any categories(tags are not sufficient), a search bar or even the ability to show latest posts on the top.

Every diy forum has these basic features. Posts here just seem to get lost...


Furthermore I would really appreciate if the creators would at least be somehow active here. I got this great card with my Cetus saying "You are invited to contribute to further development" but at least some feedback or ambition from the creator is necessary.


Please provide a profile for other software and please please please with sugar coating, update the forum!

Myself and others have been begging for these things. I check the forums every day. Communication has not been great. We desperately need these things as quickly as possible for this community to succeed and flourish. I wish they would have a regularly scheduled update message at least once a week. Even if it's just to say we're still working on these things.


After emailing them, 8-9 day's ago I recieved two (seperate from each other) emails


We will add the search box later,

The sections is now organise as tags, i know the tags are not very clear but will be improved soon.

more functions are being added in the forum soon.

Thank you for the suggestions.

We did plan to create the search box for the website and separate existing contents into different sections.
 Unfortunately,  at the time you point it out to us, we just haven't implemented the plan yet.  But we definitely will finish this shortly. 

Again, thank you for the feedback.

Cheers, Matt

What I don't understand is that instead of updating people individually in emails like this why don't they update everyone via news. It makes zero sense to me. Make regular updates it's not that hard. Huge return in customer satisfaction for very little effort.