First Print Issues

dirtydaverj 2017-3-4 00:28 edit

Hello all, 

   I'm trying to create some baskets to go in my cabinets where I have open cubbies. I have scaled it down significantly to see how well it would print and I'm only getting walls on 2 sides. Here are a few pics along with my .stl file

   To clarify these are the first prints I've done just the first time encountering errors.


Small_Basket.stl    Preview    Download


Can anyone tell me what's happening? Thanks

Supports were on as well

By what percentage did you scale it down?


  A lot. .8 then a .5. I just wanted to get a test in before I put a 12 hour print on.

It looks fine in the cetus app. I'm printing something right now. I can try it out when that print is done.