First part I replaced on the X5

I’ve been printing with this for several months and have been pleased with it. Starting about two months ago, the Y-axis belt adapter would loosen up and I’d have to screw in one of two screws holding it in. The second screw is inaccessible without removing the X-axis linear rail. This Y-axis belt adapter provides an extra purpose in that it actuates the limit switch, but because it was loose, it would miss the limit switch and a horrible grinding noise would happen. Eventually this happened every time I initialized the machine.

So I found the STL file that was provided in the memory card with the machine and printed it with ABS. The screws tapped in very tightly and it’s been well ever since.

I had an issue with the Y-axis limit not triggering. Turns out the head had turned ever so slightly left and it had collided with the mount to the X-axis.

It was total carnage really, the whole Y-axis tensioning pulley had broken the plastic mount connected to a metal pin which was unable to hold the tension. Very annoying. The downtime for that was a week while I managed to get the NZ agent to send me the part.

Seeing that limit switch trigger, has prompted me to check it regularly.

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