FINALLY! A way to get your rafts to seperate easily! This is tried and true and satisfying

I have tried everything and I have the real solution right here in my pocket. it took many tries to dial it in, but now, for me, it peels off so smoothly I could kiss it. Make a new material profile and copy these settings:

I’m getting high quality prints, that adhere to the bed while printing, and seperate from the raft without an issue (finally). The person who sold me the printer is even amazed. He had it for a while and just came to accept that seperating the rafts was going to take a hammer and chisel, and or a belt sander.

I’m on an UP mini 2 es btw. incase it matters. Also, I’m using Wanhao ABS.


Heck Yeah!! Thanks for this. Can’t wait to try it.

yeah, I was losing my mind for the first few prints, and just went hunting for any settings that were more advanced, then stumbled into here.

Wish there was more options but I’m pretty pleased with these results.

Now I’m trying to get away with no longer needing rafts at all, cuz the added print time and filament seems like such a waste.

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SirLucian - your settings work great. Thanks a lot!!
One question did you try up studio 3? I try to use your settings on up studio 3 but it doesn’t work as good as on old up studio