Filament supplies in the UK

Any suggestions on a good place to buy filament from to feed my Cetus when it arrives?

Is the filament used for 3D pens any differrent to that used for 3D printers?

I'm also wondering if there's a filament out there that can be used for (say) a plane cockpit window. I know it's not possible to get a clear window, but how close could I get?


I'd highly recommend Rigid Ink:

They even offer a free sample for UK residents.

I'm testing a bunch of filaments I have on hand and ran some Rigid Ink I had from a Maker's Box shipment. Rigid Ink prints flawlessly on the Cetus!

As for clear, I'm pretty sure the likes of PETG will print much more clear than natural PLA. Natural PLA is more like milk bottle clear (i.e. not really clear). I've not yet printed PETG on any of my printers but have another sample from Maker's Box; even in filament form, PETG is much more clear than natural PLA.

Hi Paul,

I get my PLA filament from here  , and am very happy with it. I don't have my Cetus yet so can't comment if its any good for that printer. I'll try some when I recieve it.


Here's a picture of the Marvin keychain printed in bright green Rigid Ink. The baby blue used on the insignia is from the sample roll that was included with my Cetus.

The top surface of the insignia really is as smooth as it looks.


The stumpy Marvin was stopped early because I thought I accidentally had supports enabled. For some reason even when support is disabled, there are supports generated between his feet.

Thanks guys.

hi there

also in the UK, awaiting my printer - what diameter filament will we need? 1.75mm? 2.85mm?


It's 1.75mm.

rebecca02 2018-1-25 09:19 edit

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