Filament Reviews

I thought it might be worth sharing filament information… what will and what won’t run on a cetus (and everything in between)

Not having a heated build plate or ability to change feed rates does limit what we can run. Here are a few things I’ve tried, and my results:

  1. of course, the Cetus PLA runs great

  2. I bought a roll of ZYLtech PLA from eBay, and it ran perfectly. Not very expensive either… about $20 USD for a 1kg spool (2.2lbs)

  3. I bought a 1kg spool of G&G red nylon from eBay… it won’t run for me at any temperature. (And it was over $50 USD for the spool) Maybe if I generate G-code I can run it at a slower speed; but using the UP software, all I get is spaghetti. The raft prints great… .after that, nothing sticks together.

  4. Taulman3D 230 Nylon… runs like a champ at 230-235 c, directly on the build plate with raft. Price depends on size of roll… 1 lb cost me about $18 USD

  5. ARMADILLO by Ninjaflex runs about the same as Taulman’s 230, but finish isn’t quite as good.

  6. CHEETAH by Ninjaflex will print for me, but finish is not as good as I’d like

  7. FLEXY by Ninjaflex Printed very well for flat models, but it is too flexible for vertical printing


well, that’s everything I’ve tried so far… what have you tried, and what results did you get?