Filament not being pulled in correctly

I have had the cetus 3 days.

I printed a cube, a nerf gun motor carrier and a tank,

all pretty good.

however today trying to print anything was a disaster, intermittently it would stop printing, leaving parts not there.

I tried nozzles, filaments, cleaning etc.  

When just pushing filament through via the software, the feeder was turning but  the marked filamaent would stop and start.

When it did stop i could push the filament through by hand.

What i have determined is that the feeder wheel is too far from the smaller backing wheel,

way to far to feed filament all the time.

I need to put a small rubber band around the secondary wheel  (maybe)

OR supply a cover with a spring loaded secondary feeder wheel to supply a constant force on the filament

Until i get this sorted the printer is just wasting filament.

A clear section here might help too, as a mark placed on the filament could be seen to be moving.

Given you have only had it for a short while, I assume the bigger cog soesnt need cleaning?  What you describe happens when the bigger cog gets full of filament and then needs cleaning.