Filament monitor did not stop print, not tracking second spool

So far my Cetus2 has been pretty good through the first 5 prints except for one. The roll of sample PLA popped off of the spool holder and got jammed into the filament monitor tube. This prevented further printing of the primary color, while the support color was able to continue printing (into the air) without stopping.

My understanding was that the filament monitor checked for both breakage in the filament as well as whether the filament is still feeding. While the printer was jammed it continued to record filament as expended, with the extruder 1 PLA count going down as expected. I had to manually stop the print and fix the jam myself, then restart the print from scratch since it was so far past where it jammed.

I checked the settings and confirmed that the filament monitoring was enabled in settings.

In addition, extruder 2 PLA count has not decreased since I first set it to 100g of material. It doesn’t seem to properly be monitoring extruder 2’s consumption.

Any adjustments I can make?

After a significant amount of modification my second filament is now tracking use. I haven’t tried to enable filament monitoring again since I’ve just been around my printer to observe it anyway. It seems like the filament monitoring wheels might not have good contact with the filament itself and that’s what was causing me problems.

Ahha! The fiddling appears to have made it work. My PETG was having some kind of problem and the printer correctly paused the print here! Good to know it can detect this. Little concerned with the reliability of the detection though, continue to make observations.