Filament feeder gear back feeds during printing

ive been having a problom everytime i start a print, the filament feeder gear starts trying to feed backwards and makes a clicking sound because it cant entirly feed backwards. this happens everytime i start a print and will stop doing it after a couple layers are done. the photo i have attached shows what happens when it starts to back feed, the layer becomes rugged because its not getting enough filament. what can i do to fix this?


Not sure what you mean by "feeding backwards" (retracting ?) but it sounds like your extruder just can't pump out filament fast enough. It "clicks" as the hob rotates against the filament but is unable to move the filament, so it falls back down on it and makes a click as each tooth jumps.

You say it's just on the bottom couple of layers, which would be the base of the raft which is quite thick and so the extruder may be clicking because it can't push enough filament to meet the demand. The raft layers are really thick tracks.

You may need to increase your nozzle temperature to see if that will help. The idea is that the hotter nozzle will soften the filament more and make it easier to push through. The downside is that when you get past the raft you'll have "runnier" filament and may start having problems from that.

If the noise lasts past the raft, then it may indicate that you have a partial blockage of the nozzle and you should try to clean out the hot end.

From the picture, it could look like you need to do the 9 point calibration of the printer.

But several people in the facebook group has also noticed similar issues with the extruder clicking during the first layer. Most had the problem start after updating to the latest firmware version. It's likely that Cetus increased the feed rate slightly with the update, to address issues with under extrusion. THey may need to dialed it back again for the first layer. But that is not something we users can control with the standard Cetus Studio software.

So I agree with wcyeo, that if it's only on the first raft layer, then just do the 9 point calibration, and leave it at that.

BlueDinos 2017-3-25 09:11 edit

You're printing too close to the plate. I can already see in the picture that your line is really flat and wide...too much in fact. try putting a-.1 or -.2 in the nozzle offset in the printing option and it will stop clicking/popping. Did you calibrate with a piece of paper then -.5 from that number like the instruction says? If you did, then it could have moved (it will). If this is the case then try re-calibrating it again with a piece of paper then -.5 and set it. you will bave no clicking problem with a raft. if you're printing without a raft, then in the nozzle offet you'd want to put back +.5 to print right on the plate.

I post on the Cetus3d Users facebook page everyday so you're more than welcome to join and we all can help you or anyone else out.