Filament feed motor dead after 20 to contact support?

JayNC 2017-1-30 13:15 edit


I guess I'll be waiting till after the Chinese New Year...but I'll need a new hot end....

7 hours into my second 9 hour print...filamet stops feeding.

Clicking sounds like it can't feed. 

Temperature is good (210*)

Retract filament (a little slow)

Clicking still occuring even with no filament..ah...clogged?

Pop off cover

Here's can't hear it clicking because of fans but watch feed gear...

8 second video of it clicking

iphone 006 (600x800).jpg

Genearally stepper motors are not easy to break. When it clicks like that usually means it's an elcerical issue. More than likely somethins wrong with the wires or connection. Could also be the driver, but you'd have to open up the box and look at it. If you dont have much experience with it then hopefully they can help fix this issue. Good luck!

I have the same issue as an "Out of box failure"

Following the instructions and selecting extrude, the feed wheel doesn't turn, no clicking, nothing.  Even once the unit has reached temperature.

Hopefully the Cetus people will be back from Chinese New Year and doling out support this week.

Same here. Do wanted to replace the motor? Or it can be fix with some software calibration?

They asked in a survey which way to get in contact to the support we prefer. Winner was email. So if you didn't send them a mail, I would suggest to do it, as it is the best way to get in contact. 

It's not the motor, it's the stepper driver on the board. A friend has already replace his board because of the same issue. Email them and you'll get one soon!! Good luck guys!


We have a number of report of spontaneous failure of print head extrusion.

The casues are 

  1. print head cable become defective

  2. stepper motor driver broken (likely due to static charge)

If you experience sudden extrusion failure, print head stepper driver stopped turning under all condition, please send email to to open a support ticket.

We will send you replacement parts ASAP.

Jason Wu