Filament broke and stuck in tube

Guess bad luck, but the filament broke at both ends and I can’t pull it out of the tube from either end. Trying to push more filament does not push the broken piece along the tube. (UP BOX +)

I know, you would think it was hot enough but when it’s blocked - it’s blocked!

I simply drill it out, I say “simply” but that is the action not the ease of coaxing it all clear.

I wonder if a slight increase in temperature depending on the filament brand might prevent this being a common occurrence.

Good luck!

Is it in the tube near the Filament detection switch? , I’ve had that tthree times now.
A few issues can occur- a small piece of filament can break and stay floating around freely just above the sensor switch, and can be pulled up into the conical housing when printing, essentially jamming/wedging the two pieces side by side.
First time i pushed filament through from the top and luckily it worked, second time was disassemble the back panel and most of the case to get access to remove from the switch housing. and get the little slug out
Third time i found a very thin flat steel maybe 0.5mm thick or less and 1mm wide, i managed to push the roller across on the filament sensor switch and let the small filament chunk come out.
The cause is when you withdraw, filament from the head it leaves a stringy thin piece and a 5-6mm long lump at the very end. when this is pulled through the filament detection switch it can break off.

I cut the withdrawn filament end clean every time I withdraw now and have never had the issue since

I had that happen. I went and bought the smallest roll of the cheapest 14-guage wire I could find, and used a length of that as a pusher. Worked great. Used it once since. I have a lot of unused 14-gauge wire! SG