feed rate issue with 0.6mm nozzle

<p>I experience an issue with the 0.6mm nozzle. It seems that the feedrate is not adjusted correctly so the parts are not printed correctly.</p><p>I read already of this issue before here in the forum but can not find the thread anymore.</p><p> </p>

<p>Hello</p><p>Did you try to increase extrusion temperature a little bit (~+5°C) in order to facilitate the increased material flow induce by a 0.6mm nozzle?</p><p>Also, you should go into material parameters, where you could artificially downsize the material real diameter (e.g.; to enter 1.65 instead of 1.75mm) to make printer software to react accordingly.</p><p>I’m not a specialist into this, but above mentioned are from my short experience into 0.6mm extrusion on Cetus 3D MK II</p><p>Hope it could help anyway…</p>

<p>didn´t find an option to change the material thickness in the cetus 3d software.</p><p> </p>