Fan Always Running on Cetus Mk 3

I have just bought a Cetus Mk 3 and all seems to be working well. However, I was wondering whether the cooling fan is meant to run continuously as soon as the machine is switched on? The fan runs constantly even when no print has been initiated and when the nozzle is at resting temperature, which seems like it will cause unnecessary wear to the fan?

I can’t see any way to turn off the fan by using Up Studio (Mac). Hopefully fellow Cetus owners could confirm if this is normal. Many thanks.


The fans are always running on Tiertime machines. The stepper motors on the extruders get hot, and so they keep them running at all times along with the heatsink paired to it. The fans Tiertime use are very good and last a very long time. My UP Plus 2 still has its factory stock fan on it, no issues whatsoever, so don’t worry about fan wear.

If it’s an issue from a part/layer cooling point of view, close off the duct and put tape across if need be. I would advise leaving the fan alone, not that we have any software control over it.

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Thank you very much for the information - that’s good to know and puts my mind at rest. I have used an i3 Mega and M3D Micro in the past which only run the fan during printing, so am pleased to hear the Cetus is working correctly. The print quality is excellent and very little calibration required.

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There’s version 2 fan duct that has a vent that you can open/close. It was designed for the Mk3 with auto bed leveling but the vent came as a bonus.

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Thank you for letting me know about the 2nd version - I will bear it in mind. I am very happy with the Cetus so far.