Extruder wont stop heating

So last night my Cetus Mk3 stoped working mid print and then when i try to get it working the nxt day, when I intiate the printer it just wont stop heating the extruder. I didnt even hit print. and it just keeps going until it hits about 300degrees and it become too hot. I dont know what to do. Anyone else run into a situation like this?

Ive replaced the extruder to see if it was the sensors but nope its doing the same. I recheck all cables. I dont know what else to do.

Cetus mk3 with latest heatbed and standard 24v power supply from tiertime.

up studio v 2.6.2

Actually I found the issue with the help of another cetus user. It seems like the extruder mosfet was burned…

Hello, if the mosfet on the mainboard is broken, then only way to fix is to get a new mainboard.
Please contact support@cetus3d.com to open a ticket, we will provide the replacement ASAP.