Extruder Stepper motor failure

So my UpBox+ Exturder stepper motor began to behave exactly as in this video. Fans and heater work fine though.

It started happening after I serviced the printer belts and rails and cleaned out all the bearings. After thinking what could I have disturbed i noticed that the 1st wire (highest when installed) on the FFC cable was broken… not sure how but it was… soldered it back together with low temp solder and that seemed to fix the problem… but now the stepper has failed completley and doesnt turn and when the printer is on there is no resistance to turning the stepper gear by hand… it behaves the same as if the printer is off. Any ideas?

Fixed it. I had damaged the ribbon cable to the print head, very close to the print head. So cut that section out and carfully stripped back the plastic with a craft knife to reval metal contacts and put connected it back up and all good :slight_smile:

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Hi, I just had the same issue. The two top track had no electrical connection anymore. And I had the issue during printing.
As seen on the picture it look a bit damaged.

Cool… yup that what happened to mine. Did you fix it?

No I just ordered a new one :wink:
It’s for professional use so I prefer to have this as best as possible.