Extruder servo upgrade

Anyone done an extruder servo upgrade? i seem to notice the extruder servo isnt that powerful? Alot of the time using my cheaper filament i get alot of skipping especially running on "normal" speed. Iv narrowed it down to the motor not producing enough torque as the skipping occurs regardless of temperature and/or being too close to the print bed. Nozzles are clean and unblocked and it occurs even when manually extruding.

CoraDias 2018-2-8 21:21 edit

Hi..in my case I changed the electronics to switch between the two extruders. Driving the servo with its electronics was a bad idea, the position was changing with temperature and forcing too much on the ends. Now, I drive directly the DC motor in the RC servo with this circuit.

pcb prototyping

Hi. Could you provide more details about your modification? Some photos, schematics?