Extruder nozzle not heating up

I have been printing with the standard MKII printer for a few weeks with no problems until today.

After a few successful prints using the Hatchbox Wood PLA yesterday, I went to print more today and the nozzle will not heat up.

Every time I sent a job to the printer it just sits there waiting for the hotend to get up to temp, but the temp does not change.
Has anyone had an issue like this?
Could the heating element or wiring be bad?

Any help getting this printer back up and running would be greatly appreciated.

<p>This happened to me too. Printing beautifully for months then went to change filament 4/17/18, successfully heated up to withdraw the old filament but now the hotend will not heat up. Please provide a few troubleshooting tips as I’m stuck and I have several deliveries being held up. Thanks in advance for any assistance :)</p>

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<p>Shoes2 - Is your printer still down or have you resolved the issue?</p>

<p>Me too.<br />My printer was new one. nozzle temperature just rise 1 or 2 degrees and going down every time.</p><p>Still unknow .</p>

<p>Have you checked to see that voltage is being applied to the cartridge heater?</p>

<p>I’ve been having the exact same issue as well. I tried to replace the heating element with a new one (not one of the ones sold as an official heating element for the Cetus), which also promptly burnt out.</p>

<p>As addohm suggested, I went to check the voltage to the hotend. Due to there being no documentation I did not know the pinout of the cable that connects to the extruder unit so I removed the plastic housing on top to get access to the PCB and wiring. While trying to measure the voltage I shorted the leads, saw a spark, and the machine immediately shut down and will no longer power up. So there’s the end of my printer which had been operating beautifully since November 2017.</p><p>Very bummed :(</p>

<p>What should the voltage be?</p>


In consultation with the company, I had the heater replaced with a new one. Immediately after inserting the filament and confirming that it had melted, the temperature of the heater did not rise when trying to output from the PC. What is the cause?

I have a similar problem, only the nozzles stopped working normally. Could they be clogged and need to be flushed?