Extruder mount for BondTech BMG Clone mod -need more posts before upload :-(

My previous thread showed Id got a Bondtech BMG clone dual drive extruder working with UpBox / UpBox+… It needs a custom mount as the nozzle sits 20mm lower (when using the short version). So this is the STL for it.

It needs some decent neodymium magnets gluing in to hold it in place in the X Carriage Cradle. And the hole through it allows you to put a nut and bolt through the mount and through the bottom of the bondtech BMG to secure the Stepper Motor and BMG to the mount.

Ill upload another version in a bit as the Upbox doesnt have the additional security screw for the extruder that the UpBox+ has.

If anyone wants to know any more let me know. By the way would recommend using the original heater element and thermistor as an after market heater element drew too much current and caused the UpBox to reboot when heating started. Also the upBox uses Positive Temp Coefficient (PT100ohm) thermistors whereas most after market heater block assemblies come with NTC100kohm thermistors. You will know the difference if your wire one up as it will read 300+ degrees at ambient in UpStudio lol

I’ll follow up this thread. I’m definitively interested in that even if I’ve not a lot of time to try that. I should have a bondtech clone somewhere but it seems we need another stepper motor as well. So I’m not sure your mount would be usefull if I use a different stepper motor. The annoying fact is that the calibration of the extruder would be quite difficult without being able to execute some gcode. ( I have an up300 ) .
Thanks for sharing your progress.