Extruder motor failure

Hi Everyone,

I have been doing some heavy printing recently, and came home to find a new "temperature too high" error on my display at the end of a print.  Closer examination showed that the extruder plug (on top of the extruder motor) had gotten skewed and the fan wasnt getting the power.

After resetting the plug, I tried a test estrusion to see if that had fixed it, and now the extrusion gear wont turn.  I have tried turning it on and off, and removing the filament and checking to see if the connecters are properly seated (they are) but I can't get the extruder gear to seat.

I had the same issue when I received my Cetus and they sent me a replacement motherboard.  Asides from getting yet another motherboard, does anyone have any suggestions?  I have seen a number of post on the same subject...


Martin the glue guy

Hello Martin,

We should have send another cable with the replacement motherboard. if yes, you may try swap the cable.

And of course we wont mind send you another motherboard.