Extruder issue - Extruder not extruding

Got a bit of a strange one. I have the Mk2 non-extended model. The extruder works just fine when I go into the maintenance menu and click extrude. However, once I go to print it doesn’t. What I mean by this is that the stepper motor itself does not do anything. It just sits there. I can look at the gear and it is not rotating. It isn’t even trying. It isn’t clicking like some others have mentioned.

Has anyone seen this?

I have a similar problem with the same model. It extrudes without problems in the maintenance menu; however, I’m getting an inconsistent extrude when printing. The gear is moving and when I back out the PLA, it looks like the gear has stripped away at the filament. At first I thought the print head was not hot enough and was having problems pushing the filament through the nozzle so I kicked it up to 220 but without much change. As I’m typing this, I’m thinking maybe it is too hot and the filament was too soft for the gear to grab and push the filament through. I’ll have to test and find out.

Nope, dropping the temp did not work. It created a new problem in that the layers of PLA did not stick together and as a result the printed object just crumbled in my hand. Back to the drawing board.