Exact IKO linear bearing for the Y-axis rail?

rasmus 2017-12-29 13:15 edit

I managed to melt part of the carriage on the linear bearing on the y-axis (the one the print head is attached to). The ball bearings are no longer able to make their way around. For the curious, it looks like this:


I see it says P-241HL06 on the carriage, but I haven't been able to match that up with an actual part I can buy anywhere in the US. Does anyone know the exact part number and where I might be able to get it in the US? 


Well, this post got no replies :)

I ended up ordering one on ebay just based on the photo and it turned out to work. So, for future reference, this one works:


There are probably other models that will work, but this one fits: ML12C1T1PS2

how did that happen? no cooling fan attached? nozzle jammed? other fan housing?