Eu store availability

When the Cetus printer will be available in eu store?

Same Question here neeeeed a extende Version ;-)

I would also like to buy the extended Version and the additional heatbed but only from the EU store.

For me as well: I want to order the regular mk2 with heatbed in europe. is this possible?

Gooood morning!

I have the same question and request.

As some already stated here - this forum and the non-responsiveness sucks.

This really lowers the good impression and reviews of your product.

When can we expect an answer?

I guess you guys are not buying it from the store because of customs? I got mine this weekend and did not need to pay extra. Just the price as listed in the store in USD, converted to EUR. Shipping is expensive but the total price was fine by me. Plus when I ordered the printer it was discounted.