eSun PLA +

Anyone using eSun PLA+?  I not sure if I got the setting right.  The support literally being fused to the print. I have easy peel check box ticked.  The temp is within manufactures suggested range.  Currently, I having to grind off the support with a dremel.  Ideas?  TIA.


This looks like the raft, not supports. I use eSun PLA+ and I don't have any issues with it. I use 214 degrees which is a bit higher than the default for PLA in Cetus3D. I used to have issues with the rafts but a later version of Cetus3D fixed that. Now my rafts pretty much pop right off with very little effort.

Sorry, about the terminology.  I actually have I have the same problem with both rafts and support.  The last thing I printed (picture in the post) just happen to need only a raft.  I printing at 216 and I'm using the newest version of the software.  I'll try lowing the temp to 214 and see if that makes a difference.  Thanks for the help.