Error when attempting to calibrate machine

I am getting an error message when attempting to calibrate my up300 machine. The 3p printer is coming up with this error saying “The main thread is blocked” while the computer has the message "Error; Failed to Get Printer Idle State (CTRL). (3100.3181.3121.3100.3100).

I have re-downloaded the latest touch screen update (1.4.8) as well the latest version of Up Studio.

Does anyone have any suggestions to what could be causing this error?

Hello Adrian,

Please try power cycle the machine, should able to fix the problem. The casue is the touchscreen hanged when up studio try to send command to it, Up Studio thought the touchscreen is busy doing something.

I have had all of these error messages. I have power cycled it and no improvement. I noticed that the sensor probe for auto levelling is immobile and stuck in one position, initially in the high position vertically away from the nozzle and when we tried to manipulate it to see if it was stuck it moved down 180 degrees but will not move when the unit is powered on and off. Im beginning to think Ive been given a lemon…

forgot to mention in addition to the above error message got high failure 1903. (presumably the sensor probe being stuck on high) - what is the fix?