Error: Print outside range for any model, including calibration model

So i’ve just purchased on of the X5 Continuous Printer for our school, and have not for the life of me been able to get the software to allow me to print anything.

I’ve used 3D printers before, but most have been pretty much “plug and print”.

Before plugging the computer into the X5 i was able to create a couple of previews in the software, but then realized it had defaulted to ABS, when the filament that comes with the machine is PLA.

Now after connecting the printer to the computer using USB it now wont even allow any object to be printed everything is “outside the bounds or too small for the layer”?, even when its auto placed inside the center of the box, it goes red as soon as you hit print or even preview. I’ve tried anything and everything i can think off, calibrating the pad, adjusting the thickness of the extrusion.

What am i missing here?

Do i need to calibrate the maximum height somewhere and i’ve missed that, wouldn’t it be set to a default value out of the box?

For Future searchers, I had not done the Nozzle height Calibration. You need to manually tell the software the Z Axis in UPStudio.

Followed these Instructions:

Yes, this catches me out each time after I do a reset also… Have to recalibrate the nozzle height. I do a LOT of nozzle height recalibrations. If you change materials, you will need to do one each time. I wish my school had a 3D printer… Well, that was more than 30 years ago.