Error Code: Insufficient Material

I’m getting an error code that says I have insufficient material even though I just put a new roll of ABS in. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Error: Insufficient Material 901.901.901.206.206

If you are using Up Studio 3 you must update the weight in wand when installing a new roll.

im using upstudio 2 and got this error:
"error: no material available (CTRL) (3176.3176.3176)

i have initiated the printer successfully, extruded and withdrawn filament successfully, leveled it successfully, previewed the model successfully…it is that when I hit PRINT, and it loads the print, then the controls on the let side are the same as the print being paused (I can see the stop and the play buttons). When I close the dialog box that tells me how long the print will take and the amount of material used, and push play, it gives me that error.