Error 3650 When Trying to Print

When using UP Studio 3 to try and send files to my UP300, I get error 3650: failed to create compressed files. This occurs both in the slicer and in wand when trying to print from a tsk file for any tsk or stl file I try and slice/send to printer. Anyone else having this issue? I can print totally fine from UP Studio 2.

Update: Now I get the error: 1 - no return value occasionally after a restart but then eventually get error 3650 again after a few attempts.

Update 2: Seems to work after a touchscreen update for anyone else experiencing this.

Hi also stuck at [-3650] Error: Failed to Create Compressed Files what does this involve?

For the error 3650 with UP Studio 3, try updating your touchscreen as it helped others with the same problem. If that doesn’t work, check for any UP Studio 3 updates or go back to using UP Studio 2 if it works fine. Sometimes, newer software has bugs that need fixing.

I hope my suggestion will be helpful for everyone.

As per me sending files to your UP300 printer, try updating the touchscreen firmware on your UP300. This update has resolved the problem for some users. Previously, some also saw error 1 - no return value intermittently after restarts, which sometimes led back to error 3650.