Does PC also need to be on Wi-Fi?

I succeeded in connecting my Cetus3D to my wireless network. I can ping it from my computer. I even turned off the Cetus, tried ping again (no success, obviously). Then restarted the Cetus and, sure enough, it's connecting to my Wi-Fi because I'm once again getting a response.

However, from within the Cetus3D software, I'm unable to see the printer. When I refresh, I get "no printers found" instead of getting the details on my printer.

Is the Cetus3D software possibly only looking for printers on my PC's wireless network? In my case, that would be a bit of an issue. My PC isn't connected to my wireless network; it's wired into my network. As convenient as wireless is, wired is better so I use wired where I can.

There doesn't appear to be any place to enter the IP address of my Cetus to connect it to the software. Am I missing something?

Hello HomerJay,

theoretically you dont need to make the PC wireless as long as the PC and printer are connected by the same router. If you have too many Wi-FI devices (eg. more than 8) on the same network, there is chance the software cannot find it. 

If the count of Wi-Fi devices has an impact, that would likely be the issue. There are not any speed issues and the network has bandwidth.

Any chance a manual config option can be added where an IP address can be entered? Would be nice to get my Cetus in the basement with my other printer.