Do I have a print setting wrong?

After months of having no problem something changed, the raft is still easy to remove from the perf board but almost impossible to remove from bottom of the object.
I had tried re-leveling the bed and reducing the print temp. by 5 degrees but that did not fix the problem.
Then I noticed what appears to be an additional layer between the raft and the object as shown in the attached photo.

I assume I changed a setting somewhere but I don’t know what, does anyone have any ideas?


Nothing wrong with that, it’s been that way.

Thanks for that, I had not noticed it before probably because I have not had this problem. I have checked that the top and bottom threshold angle is set to 45 degrees and the easy peel box is ticked. I have also (it’s a Mini) tried the vent in both positions as well as printing the basic cube in the program to eliminate any CAD or slicer problem.
The filament I’m using is UP filla and it’s fairly new so I doubt that it’s suffering from old age unlike me. I know this is not an unusual problem but it was never this bad before.

The raft is made up of 4-5 layers, that’s how it is with UP Studio.

If you are printing PLA, add cooling to the nozzle by open the wind door.
If you are printging ABS, you may be printing at a temperature that is too high.

I am using ABS and I have tried a custom setting 5 degrees below the Tiertime ABS temp. but that didn’t help. I could try a custom setting another 5 degrees lower again but I suspect the quality of the print may suffer.

you may also try adjust the peel ratio in material profile to, reduce the value to make raft separation easier.

Thanks for suggestion Jason. With the peel ratio set as easy as I can the bottom raft is easier to remove from the perfboard but it doesn’t seem to make removing the upper raft from the print itself any easier

For esun ABS I find 245C works well. What brand filament are you using? I find tiertime’s ABS prints unusually high compared to my other brands.

I am using UP Fila ABS + and I have tried the temperatures for ABS+, ABS and a custom setting 5 degrees below that (274, 270, 265). Do you think I should try reducing the temperatures another 5 degrees?

The ABS + is tougher then regular ABS, but its raft and support are more difficult to remove. I am not sure how difficult in your case, you may add some cooling by opening the wind door to the nozzle.

After thinking about this, my problems may have started when I fitted a new spool of filament which I thought was ABS not ABS +. I have ordered some ABS to see if that is the answer.