Dead printer mk2 extended

anybody know anything i can do to fix my printer?

yesterday for the first time in a year i connected my printer and wanted to calibrate (i moved houses so it got knocked around a bit) but the build plate didnt move when going to the next points (tried all 9)
i did move when initializing

then i found the cpu utility and saw update rom so i searched for roms and found the following

so i downloaded the mk2 extended rom and flashed it but now my printer is unresponsive to the initialize button on the printer and it doesnt show up in the software (and not the cpu utility either)

any ideas if i can reset or reflash the cpu somehow? ive got arduinos to do something

cheers in advance

Yup, there’s CPU rescue. Try it.

that doesnt work anymore, it cant connect to the printer anymore (over usb)

Oh, that’s bad. I have great experience with support over chat. If your time zone permits, give them a try.

yeah they told me to just buy new cpu, which sounds weird to me, power users should be able to reflash with for example arduino (or something similar) to fix a 50 euro board (it’s just software on the board which is messed up I guess)

Yeah, that’s a tough one to have to swallow. It sounds like the flashing algorithm only allows a forward-flash …it checks if the firmware version is higher, and if so, allows the forward-flash to happen. Sounds like there is no code to allow the lower version flash to proceed. Sorry this has happened to you, maybe there should be a warning somewhere that reverse flashing is not allowed.

Hello guys,

Please let me share this to you (could be also this issue somehow…)

I faced also this unpleasant issue couple weeks ago: all my Cetus being not connected, not responding…

Guess what: this occurred just after a wonderful Windows 10 upgrades!

Issue was this: Cetus driver was locked because declared as “unsigned/unverified” by “windows 10 updated version”.

So I had to make some modification into Windows 10 boot up configuration…

Have a look into this link:

Then guess what? No more issue…Printers all connected and fully functional…

Hope it could help…otherwise, keep this hypothesis in mind…

Best regards!

ill give this a go later on tonight, had the same issue when connecting on my macbook pro so we’ll see :slight_smile: cheers for the info