Data Transfer Failure. 2


I've received the printer yesterday, I printed marvin and 3Dbenchy, it was all good, but then I just tried to print and I get "Error: Data Transfer Failure. 2" just after it's done slicing. I tried printing the boat again it started properly, but I can't print the Eiffel tower, I get the error every time.


Have a look here likely your SD-card got out of the mainboard.

I can print other models. Maybe that's because I don't have enough filament? I'll try again later with more.

The model you printed must have blank layers(lost data or have a gap),you can choose another slice "layer thick",or rotate the model to fix this problem

I saw that in the comments: "The railing is too thin to be considered printable by most slicers. Even on high resolution mode, the railing is not there in Simplfy3D" that might be the reason.

I just had the same error message on part I was trying to print. I turned the print 90 degress, and then I could print it without issue.