Data Transfer Error. 6

Received Cetus printer today 1/24/17 and everything seems to work as described except for the following.

I noticed one of the responses to topic "Data Transfer Error. 2" was that possibly the SD card was loose.  Does the Cetus contain a removable SD card?  If so, how do you get access?  Or is there a different explanation for error #6?

The mainboard indeed have an on-board micro-SD slot holding a SD card. Data transfer failure 6 is very likely due to SD card out of place.

Thanks Jason, That was indeed the problem-- probably shook loose in shipment.  For anyone having this problem, here is how to address it.  Remove the four Phillips screws on the bottom of the printer.  Carefully slide the cover to the side.  The micro SD card is on the right side of the board as you face the two jacks for power and USB printer cable.  It should slide in completely.  Then, you can re-mount the black metal cover by putting the four screws back in.  OF COURSE you should remove the power cable first.

Same problem and resolve. Remove the black metal cover and replace the micro SD.

impossible to open the black metal cover, when I want open it screws are getting damage...

Ok, so I did figure out one of the problems.  The sliced files are stored on the internal micro SD card, and when it gets full it throws out the "Data Transfer Error: 2" message.

In order to clear the error, you have to go to settings and delete the downloaded parts.