Cylinder not printing correctly - coming out as an oval

I’m creating a 5-way joint and every time I print this the back join (positioned to the rear of the machine when printing comes out as an oval. I’ve tried a bunch of different things including reducing the join down to a 4-way join, removing the back one, which then prints out correctly. I’ve tried rotating the design so the one join isn’t directly at the back at 0 degrees but rather two joins sitting at 45 and 315 degrees - this causes two of the cylinders to come out oval…
At a loss really. Any one have any ideas?

I have seen this when the cylinder prints near horizontal, where one end is near perfect and the other squashed. For you this is tricky as you have many angles. Have you tried printing the longest length at 45 degrees then the two shorter pointing up - rather than down - I know that this will use a lot of support but may give you a solution.

Thanks Sneaky - I’ll give this a go. Do you think this would happen regardless of the 3D printer I use? Or a specific issue with the UP mini 2 es?

I am not sure about other printers. for this problem I’m not sure if it is the slicing software causing the problem or the printer.