Customize Material not working

Whe selecting custom material I dont get the ADD option , also tried running the exe and does tha same .If I try to export one of the defaults and change the name , then import it , nothng happes, I would like to change the settings of temp and others for a particular PLA Fil.

Any comments appreciated…

UpBox+ with UP_Studio_x64_2.6.49.627 on win10 2004 USB connected.

Replying to my own post, following some very good instructions from a person in this forum , I manage to get the material customized to my requirements.

Now somehow there is no way I can print PLA without raft, the priming line is perfect and sticks very well, but as soon as the actual print starts the head to bed distance increases to a value almost double the card size , I tried ofsets but I do not understand how to use them…

any help is very welcome …please


whats was your fix for your printer to recognize your settingd