Cura and/or Simplify3D printer profiles

Are there printer profiles for Cura and/or Simplify3D? I created my own but when I tried to ship the gcode file all I get is an error in Cetus3D that says "ERROR:Gcode failed to run". 

Some have been able to run gcode from other slicers. It sounds like my printer has the same issue you've got. I was never able to get anything to work from Simplify3D and would, without fail, receive the same message you received.

In fact, I got the same error message if I try sending a gcode file simply containing only "G28" in the file.

I was able to get something working with a command line gcode sender (don't recall what it was called as I've removed it) but have since gone back to Cetus Studio for the time being. Hopefully the gcode interpreter is improved upon soon.