Continue after power fail

The printer is supposed to be able to continue printing after a power failure (or accidentally turning the power off).

My undertsanding is that if power is lost, the horizontal arm and print assembly will drop. Is that still the case?

If the arm drops it will mean that the print head position will not be correct and worse still the model will probably be ruined. It's even possible there could be damage to the bed or print head if it just drops.

What is the situation - can this be fixed by a hardware update to prevent a  problem if the power fails?

I can't see how the continue after power fail feature can possibly work right now.

What is the situation, Cetus?

The electronics and software support blackout recovery but the mechanical design cannot support this feature as there is no mechanism to lock the horizontal axis once power is off. So this feature is not support right now but may be in the future if we change the design fo Z-axis.

I'm also concerned about the print head smashing into the build plate. First time when I turned off the printer it happened. That is because it always keeps the z axis on the top, and it crashed down when power is cut. Perhaps some simple hardware solution could fix this problem...