Complex models send to machine extremely slowly

The tl;dr: is that very complex models take an enormously long time to send the printer.  This applies to both Cetus-sliced models and gcode from external slicers.

For example, I'm currently sending a model to the printer.  It was sliced in S3D with 0.2mm nozzle and 0.05mm layers, with raft and many support.  It's fairly complicated.  It's been "sending" for 30 minutes now, but at this point I'm unsure if anything is actually happening or if perhaps the printer/software crashed without my knowing.  Complex models usually start _eventually_ but it's impossible to know.

For Cetus-sliced models, the software will show progress for sending the model, claim 100% finished and then... nothing happens.  It's unclear if the model actually sent or not, and often the "preview dialog box" (which lists material usage and time) will fail to appear.  Sometimes the printer will start after a few minutes, other times I think it has crashed.

Worse, if sending a gcode model, there is no visual indication that the model is being sent after the "Start this GCode print?" diaglog box.  The only way you can tell something is going on is by noticing that the nozzle temperature gauge has frozen with a single temperature.  Otherwise you're left guessing what's going on, until the printer starts moving some minutes later.

It would be really great if:

- Sending GCode had some sort of visual indicator like cetus-sliced models

- There was some indication that communication is going on with the printer, like up/down network indicators

- Perhaps something which can be done to speed up complex model sending, it seems crazy slow.