Clogged nozzel and heater

I am trying to unclog my .2 mm nozzle on my Cetus3d mk2. How to I prevent the software from turning off the heater. If I select extrude in UPstudio then it turns off the nozzle heater when it is done extruding.

Is there a way to keep the heater on?

Any good advice is appreciated?

<p>there are several ways.</p><p>can you get the silicone tube out of the nozzle? if yes you can use an oven heat it up to the temeperature the hottest filament was used. take it out and push the needle in the nozzle hole. other option is using a lighter or a small blow torch to heat up the nozzle. but unmount the nozzle for both actions and take the tube out which is guiding the filament.</p><p> </p>