Clicking Extruder

Firstly I would like to say the Printer is fantastic


I am currently experiencing some issues with Extruder/Stepper Motor clicking.

It started last night and the print quality is now unacceptable.

Layers are not bonding well, getting gaps in prints


I have recalibrated the bed to Z Axis & also removed extruder filament plastic feed guide with bearing and cleaned everything


Also changed nozzles & filament type with no success


This machine has been printing exceptionally well with the PLA filaments I have purchased


Not sure what the problem is, please help  

OK Update

Have changed over to the 0.6mm nozzle and clicking has stopped :)

0.4mm nozzle must have been blocked & unfortunatley cant be cleaned as there is a length stuck in there & I cant get it out. Have ordered a new set of 0.4mm see how it goes when they arrive.

Didnt like 0.2mm not sure why 


[quote][size=2][color=#999999]spec2d post at 2017-5-5 06:48[/color][/size]
OK UpdateHave changed over to the 0.6mm nozzle and clicking has stopped 0.4mm nozzle must have bee …[/quote]

0.4mm nozzle must have been blocked & unfortunatley cant be cleaned as there is a length stuck in there & I cant get it out.

With the removed nozzle gently heat the metal section (I did mine with a gas stove). Beware that applying a flame may ruin the teflon cap if you don't take care. Basically don't apply a flame continuously to a non-metallic part and don't heat up the cold-end in the flame.

It may be possible to use something like a soldering iron to heat the nozzle.

One the filament is softened you can use the included tool to clear the blockage.

I have cleared two blockages this way. All of my nozzles remain usable.

cmeyer 2017-5-9 14:29 edit

Before taking the nozzle out and putting it to a flame (dangerous:) ) or putting a soldering iron to it (could clog it with solder), I would try 1 or several cold pulls:

- carefully remove the extruder wheel cover to get free access to the filament

- in Cetus Studio, go to Maintenance and click on Extrude. This will heat up the nozzle

- once you've reached temperature (watch Cetus Studio, the gear will also start turning) push filament into the nozzle. Nothing will come out if it's fully clogged, but that's ok. Keep up the pressure and either wait for the gear to stop turning or click the "Stop" button in Maintenance

- keep up the pressure (pushing on it) on the filament as the nozzle cools down, you want to make sure the nozzle is full of melted filament. Again, it's ok if nothing comes out.

- once your temperature drops down below 110 degrees or 100 or so, start carefully pulling on the filament. You should be able to extract it in one piece, hopefully

- you will probably have to repeat this procedure a few times (and also find the right temperature to start pulling)

I cleaned out a 0.2mm nozzle that was fully clogged w/ no extrusion and another that was clicking this way.

Once you're done, carefully put the extruder wheel cover back on. Don't overtighten the screws.

Another description of the same idea (ignore the specifics that don't apply to Cetus):

I replaced 2 0.4mm nozzle due to the same problem. But mine is partially clogged. The prints are very thin with a lot of air. Clicking sound is non-stop.

I have tried the cold pull method but never succeeded in pulling it out. I pull the filament until the whole printer was lifted up from my table. Did anyone mind sharing a video? Thanks.


For me I had a 0.6mm nozzle clog mid print with a clicking extruder and a 0.4 and 0.2mm nozzle with the same problem. I think I figured out what is happening. If your nozzle hits part of the model and the filament is driven up clogging can occur if the nozzle temperature is too low. Also make sure you are using the red cap on the tip of the nozzle and that it is fully intact otherwise the cooling fan will cool the nozzle too well and clogging can occur easily. I print at fast speeds and the geared extruder can sometimes have trouble at 0.6mm rates especially on the raft.

To do a successful cold pull with PLA you must remove the guide bearing from the extruder or you will lift up the printer (bad) and you have to let the head heat up to temperature first and then pull at between 90-120degC on the cooling down side (Depends on nozzle size and PLA filament) at the higher end of the temperatures the filament will stretch don’t pull to hard and just keep pulling without breaking the filament till you get a bunch of blobs with a thin tip. You can then see through the nozzle from the top. I’ve done cold pulls on the 0.2/0.4/0.6 nozzle successfully this way and they all eventually clear. Be careful not to touch the heater cartridge when pulling or working near the head as it can burn your hand (lucky for me it was at 80degC when I accidentally touched it)