Changing nozzle every 2kgs Pla

Hey guys i really need some help, i’ve my Mk 2 ext for about a year and half now and 26kgs Pla printed so far ( only pla ) and here’s the terrible part, i changed like 15 nozzles because i can get em work only for few spools, after that the printer starts to have serious under extrusion problems and in the end the nozzle gets clogged (without any bubble or anything visible ) and i need to change it with a new one to get the things done

The printer is a stock one with the glass bed on the coated original one

i tryed several different pla brands (mostly Tianse from Amazon) temp from 195 to 230 ( 5° up or down each try) 1.6 nozzle, 8 .2 and .4 the others, same story with all of them, even if i clean em by pre heating at 230° and wipe the tip with the appropriate needle, with this technique the only thing i can get is an half print

I can’t figure out how to fix it

Hello, have you tried to replace the extruder cable, the issue may be from the connection is not tight enough and make the extruding temperature changed?

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For 0.2mm nozzles, they are prone to be clogged as the nozzle diameter is too small.

Every 2kgs sound very excessive, I think I got to around 5-6kg before the first major clog, at which point i put the nozzle in Ethyl Acetate* for a few days, then Acetone** for a few days, gently swabbing it with a cotton swap to remove the burned plastic, virtually good as new without any mechanical abrasion from needles etc.

*) for the 30% or so PLA i’ve printed
**) for the ABS.

Cleaning the nozzle -

I have not replaced my nozzle even after 5 kg of PLA and 1 kg of PETG.

Its worth noting some filaments, like glow in the dark, or with various wood/fiber/metal fillings can wear the nozzles a lot quicker, but plain PLA/ABS/PETG should last a while, and a worn nozzle should result in under extrusion and stringing, not clogs, thats a different problem. The tiertime nozzles are actually fairly well made as well, I’ll have to give them that.

yes already tried tbh

Do you have a “Pre-cleaner” sponge on the filament before it travels into the hotend?
If you are in a dusty environment, garage, carpeted room, dogs and cats nearby, then you are most likely picking up material that is clogging up the nozzles, remember plastic likes to charge up and attract all kinds of small particles, many do not burn or melt at these temps and can clog the main artery of your printer, the throat tube and nozzle.
All my printers I have made a pre-cleaner, Raise3d N2+, Zortrax M200, Cetus Extended, UP Plus2 Pro and Tiko.

same thing on the .4 nozzles, even if i clean em they will not last until the print is complete
one thing that i noticed is that the step motor on the extruder assembly is very hot to the touch in a few mins and when he gets hotter the nozzle start having under extrusion problems (the grinding gear spins normally)

yes i’ve it, printed sponge cleaner positioned just over the extruder assembly