Change first layer settings in MatDef

Machine: Up Box+
Platform: PEI stuck to a stock perfboard.

Looking at the settings for generic PLA in MatDef. What do I need to change to get both a wider first layer as well as increase my extrusion by 20% or so?

I’m trying to get a good fat/thick first layer for bed adhesion. I’ve never been able to get good prints in PLA on either the buildtak board or the perf boards. Recently put a sheet of PEI on a stock board. Was able to get a very nice print after some experimentation.

The concern I have is the print come off the PEI too easily. I believe it’s due to the thinness of the extruded line. As such I’d like to further refine my settings so the parts stick better.



I use the standard flex sheets from Tiertime stuck to a perfboard. To get good first layer adhesion in Up Studio 3.1.2 go to the advanced or expert settings under the print tab and set 1st layer speed to about 30% and 1st Layer Feed to 120% or 130%. Also I increase the default bed temp by at least 10 degrees. Also I set temp to 210 or higher and adjust for proper layer adhesion.